Stand For You, As Your Fiercest Ally

Standing for you means claiming what is yours — becoming your fiercest ally and protector. And if you’re like most women, you instinctively resonate with the idea of you as your fiercest ally.

Knowing how to stand for you is so vital for creating the life you desire that it is the second of the the 7 Invitations of The Radiant Threefold Path, just after Know.

Standing for you looks like:

Claiming Space

Claiming space includes your thoughts, your emotions, and your physical body.

Claiming space around your thoughts could be giving yourself permission to think and believe exactly as you do. Claiming space around emotions might look like letting tears flow when they naturally arise, rather than trying to stop them. Claiming space for your physical body could be as simple as creating a little more distance between you and the person you’re speaking to, or locking a door.


While personal and relationship boundaries are often thought of as limits or restrictions, your boundaries create space for you, and they are one of the most important aspects of Standing for you.


If you’re committed to Standing for you, you must know what safety is, and what you need to feel safe. When you don’t feel safe, a limit or boundary of some kind is calling to you.


Limits are another word for boundaries, and the hard truth is that we often must place limits on our own behavior in order to feel better, accomplish what we want to accomplish, or to improve our health, for example.


Standing for you will often include expansion — speaking up, taking up a new hobby, or simply being more expressive in the way you dress, speak, or move.


Believe it or not, contraction can also be a way to Stand for you. In nature, there are times when a tree or a plant must be pruned in order to be healthier, or to survive.

The same is true for you. There are times when you may need to prune activities, bad habits, addictions, or withdraw or retreat in some way. Sooner or later, you will probably need to end a relationship, or remove someone from your daily life so that you can move forward to create the life you desire.

Whether it’s claiming space, boundaries, safety, limits, expansion, or contraction, Standing for you is how you become your fiercest ally and protector.

How would you like to Stand for you?


Claim what is yours
Become your fiercest ally and protector.*


* The second of 7 Invitations from The Radiant Threefold Path.

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